a project help the public to understand what is BLOCKCHAIN/CryptoCurrency by simulate the process

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Play to earn & Build payment trust in the game Main game paltform: spend tokenI(nonce) on your very own character subgames: provides tokenI through sub-games similar to the model of OASIS in READY PLAYER ONE

BUT the token is based on BLOCKCHAIN(Lightning Network) so its anonynous, secure even can trade Cross Blockchains GAME IS OPEN FOR EVERYONE AND THAT MATCH THE IDEA OF DECENTRALIZATION(everyone follow the smart contract)


  1. command(backend running code) we can get from most games are very likely the same code solution: collect data from candy crush, go game, card game.
  2. transformation of data (gamer's operations) _MiningAlgorithm: random feedback → SHA into key/address and take the chance to get tokenI

Account Parametres

  1. UserID(address):
  2. Balance(TokenI): (the more game your play the more tokenI you would be likely to get)

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