NFTs are hot! We want to build something entertaining and at the same time trying out the chainlink VRF contracts. That's how we came up with the idea of a location based NFT AR game with cute crytpollama characters.

What it does

The app randomly generates locations to place Cryptollamas in AR. Player walks around the area to find the cryptollama. When found one, the player can tap the cryptollama and it will direct to the NFT token at opensea. The player can make an offer to own the piece through opensea. Cryptollamas come with different specialties and colors, which determines their value, are tradable between gamers.

How we built it

We used react and Viro AR package to build the AR app, backend python server, solidity smart contracts and Chainlink VRF to create the dynamic cryptollamas NFTs with random characteristics

Challenges we ran into

Took some time at the beginning to figure out the right AR package for react-native app and learn about the chainlink VRF and NFT generation process through smart contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This app is working as expected and feel so happy to learn about the latest development in crypto space and the chainlink contracts.

What we learned

Chainlink VRF, smart contracts, AR, dynamic NFTs

What's next for Cryptollama

To take it to the next level:

  • NFTs will be on mainnet (right now on Rinkeby)
  • The cryptollama will be in 3D model, make the artwork more attractive
  • Build a game play story to make the game more fun
  • could apply some business use cases e.g. if you go to a particular location like a store or a mall, you could find a tradable cryptollama collectible - so it will give shoppers more incentives to visit the participated stores

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