Over the past few years, the number of cryptocurrencies has risen tremendously. Having a personal assistant like CryptoIQ can help traders keep track of the most current statistics for each one. Additionally, the voice commands and prompts allow users to get their information quicker and in a more painless manner.

What it does

The intended functionality was to include chart and graphs to represent information visually, a predictive model for each cryptocurrency, live statistics, and voice prompted assistant. In the 24 hours we had, we were able to complete 2 of the above mentioned tasks. For the purposes of demoing this project, we picked 4 of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrencies to gather data for. These included: BitCoin, LiteCoin, ZCash, and Ethereum. It consists of one main page, on which users can cycle through the cryptocurrencies and view live fluctuations in its price. The voice assistant sits in the corner and can be prompted with a click. The assistant can provide more detailed information about the cryptocurrency of your choice, such as percent increases/decreases in price, price on particular dates, etc.

How we built it

The main components of the web app were built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Using these three components, we build the UI of the app. We used a PHP backend with python calls to the API we used to get information about various cryptocurrencies. For the voice assistant, we used everything from naive libraries, such as the python regex module and NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit) to complex frameworks that involved machine learning (such as SpaCy).

Challenges we ran into

Due to some limitations in Director, we had a hard time importing external python APIs/libs when calling the python function through php. Ultimately we were able to find a solution with a help from a student mentor. The best way to fix the problem was to use a virtual environment, so that the python function could run outside the directory and properly import the needed APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact we were able to do this in 24 hours. We were also able to become much experienced with skills we were not that familiar with before entering, so it was really nice that we were both able to learn brand new skills and still be able to create a well-functioning end product.

What we learned

Become more familiar with PHP Running in virtual environments Natural language processing Become more familiar with working with external APIs

What's next for CryptoIQ: Your Personal Cryptocurrency Assistant

There were some features we had hoped to implement but could not due to time restrictions. In the future we hope we can make it more visually appealing by adding dynamic charts and graphs. Other features include more cryptocurrencies, predictive modeling, and more skills for the voice assistant.

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