Inspiration comes from cryptography and ethical hacking. 

What it does

                                                  In encryption 
                  STEP 1: It's a web app, that first take a image from the user for encryption text.  
                  STEP 2: Level section for encryption.
                  STEP 3: Key logger, give a key for encryption.
                  STEP 4: Write the message for encryption.
                  STEP 5: Download the Image and send to the receiver. 
                                                  In decryption 
                  STEP 1: First take a image from sender and upload on web page.  
                  STEP 2: level section for encryption.
                  STEP 3: Key logger, give a key for decryption.
                  STEP 4: Read the message. 

How I built it

                     I use html for making front end and for style the page I use css,
                     In back end I use java script , in java script I attach different encryption and decryption algorithms.
                     In java script I take source code of the image and attach the key logger and text, that will create new 
                     image file.  

Challenges I ran into

                     Any text can attach into the image file with key logger and in encryption form

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

                     We can share sensitive information to anyone with anonymously. 

What I learned

                     I learned, How much I am in water and what will be my next step for learning.
                     How to straggle for a project in one night. 

What's next for CryptoImage.

                     If future we can share all types of data file with different data files,with different or strong algo for 
                     hiding the sensitive information.
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