Our group was inspired first by the blazing success of current Crypto Games that have made it big utilizing Blockchain technologies like CryptoKitties and CryptoCuties which utilize ERC-721 tokens which are non-fungible. We took a deep dive into the world of blockchain and the ethereum by developing our own character trading based game. CryptoHackers is a game that allows for unique characters to be created, bought, sold, and traded amongst other using the Ethereum blockchain for immutable and decentralized transactions and a fun way to invest your money. There are only a set number of Hackers available and no two are alike. This encourages for players to communicate and battle it out to increase their characters levels to increase their rarity. In battle mode users can battle against other users using their knowledge of various Coding languages ranging from HTML5 to Python. By doing so they gain experience and their rankings go up.

We built the game using Solidity, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to name just a few tools that we brought in. We also utilized development tools like Truffle, and Ganache in order to bring the game alive. Testing was also conducted utilizing the Ropsten TestNetwork. Since blockchain technologies and DApp in general are so new we ran into many challenges along the way as none of us had any extensive knowledge on how to use let alone implement the technologies. The learning curve was steep to say the least. We managed, however, to produce a product we are proud of in only a short 24 hours by iterating over and over again in order to get everything in working order. By having to constantly iterate we were able to be put into a critical and creative thinking mindset that helped us overcome any shortcomings we may have had in our understandings of the aforementioned technologies. In addition to gaining new skills and experiences we are extremely proud of pushing our limits and understanding of groundbreaking technologies, improving our skills in dividing tasks, solving near fatal errors, and ultimately just getting it out there.

In the future we hope to make sure to include updated features for accessories to be one as a result of winning battles and making the user's experience more immersive overall. Additionally, we hope to increase the uniqueness of characters and have events that will draw more individuals in.

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