Inspiration's api, while very useful, only shows the percentage change for 1 hour. Having a more precise change (5 minutes) available on a mobile device could prove valuable for day traders.

What it does

CryptoGraph graphs the percent change of crypto-currencies over the past hour.

How I built it

Android Programming in Android Studio, AWS for data and Image hosting Python and matplotlib for creating data files and graphs Flask Python web framework for the server backend

Challenges I ran into

We did not know that adding background procecies was necessary for Android Web Interfacing. We were not able to get our Flask backend to integrate with an Apache web server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing a functional Android App. Interfacing with JSON api.

What I learned

I learned how to save data files into JSON format as well as use matplotlib

What's next for CryptoGraph

Continue to develop back-end for real-time updates and prettify front-end

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