enhance the care and conservation of chimpanzees for the Jane Goodall Institute with decentralized blockchain features and eSignature digital proof

What it does

  • Facilitate the Tracking of Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Donation and promote sponsorship

  • Give Timestamp and eSignature digital Proof for each Donation

  • Indicate some Map GeoLocation of Chimpanzee Area for the Donator

We provide Web Application to enable donators to review the chimpanzees, then select those which they want to sponsor and give donation to help care them.

In parallel, the Jane Goodall Institute administrators can also access to the list of donations and can later on exchange with the donators

How we built it

Load the JGI map content from IUCN and import on ESRI arcGIS developer account, in order to reference it on the CryptoGoodies Application

Define Docusign eSignature Workflow and Template

Combine Multiple Technologies to certify the donation to help care and conservation of chimpanzees :

  • Blockchain technologies to track and CryptoGoodies exchange to promote and retain the donators

  • Docusign eSignature API with Jane Goodall Institute signature to certify the donation by donators

  • provide ESRI ArcGIS map to give some location indication of chimpanzees for the donators

Challenges we ran into

  • Implement Donation Rules and associated Frontend Display

  • Combine a unique FrontEnd Application to deliver Blockchain Feature, Esri ArcGIS map, and trigger Docusign eSignature workflow

  • CryptoGoodies management

  • Esri Geospatial Map integration within Angular JS frontend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • deployment and availability of the frontend application on heroku

What we learned

  • Docusign eSignature API technology

  • ESRI ArcGIS map technology

What's next for CryptoGoodies

  • better content (assets,..) management

  • enable Real Currency exchange with CryptoGoodies

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