Crypto-powered Website Paywalls

Prototype Built for the the Crypto 4 Your Thoughts hackathon.


The full solution includes (see pitch deck for details):

  1. Charge your CryptoGateway via Bitcoin
  2. Pay micro-transactions to publishers via a Cosmos sidechain
  3. Publisher reputation management is integrated in the Cosmos sidechain, aligned with economical incentives

Pitch Deck here: Slides


Cryptogateway is a free website plugin which wraps any of your desired content around a custom-priced cryptocurrency paywall.

For each customer, an account will automatically be generated which will store any funds sent to you by your website visitors. Each customer will be mapped to a unique address which is used to verify whether they have paid for website access or not. Once the user has paid, he or she will automatically be granted access to the content.

Plugin Component (React)

                    disabled={false} // defaults to false (enabled)
                    onClick={false} // defaults to false (auto blocks if false)
                    amount={.0001} // amount to pay for access
                         amountUnits={"Bitcoin"} // unit of payment
                         domain="" // domain of website
                         excludedUrls={["/"]} // will disable paywall on these url paths.
Steps for install:
  1. Create account on - registering your domain name.
  2. Install dependencies within Paywall.js
  3. Selectively wrap your sensitive website content (or your entire site) with the Paywall.js component - adding the appropriate payment parameters needed for access.
### Structure
* /cryptogateway: website
* /server: Lotion/Cosmos server - used for tracking IP address visits
### Dev Notes Starting the website.
From the */cryptogateway* folder:
yarn && yarn start

Starting the server. From the /server folder:

yarn && node server.js

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