After realizing the difficulty of my family a friends to understand the Blockchain technology and get started with cryptocurrencies, I decided to create CryptoGate to make it easier for anybody to start using cryptocurrencies.

Education is the key element for a mass adoption of the Blockchain technology in general and cryptocurrencies in particular.

The application CryptoGate automatically creates an Ethereum wallet after a successful registration. The wallet is securely stored in the cloud so that users can access it anywhere and anytime, while not worrying about losing it or forgetting their secret key. The application also provide real time market prices of all cryptocurrencies, and enable users to send/exchange their Ethereum to 50+ other cryptocurrencies.

How I built it

The application what built using Android studio, Kotlin, PHP, MySQL, and some open source APIs like CoinMarketCap to access real time market prices.

Challenges I ran into

Using some new features in Kotlin Switching between fiat currencies Getting and organizing the transactions history

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud some friends and family members were able to understand and adopt cryptocurrencies thanks to CryptoGate, and I am excited to keep improving it to help even more people.

What's next for CryptoGate

Improve the design and add more functionalities to reach more people.

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