Open Source! I really wanted to learn how to collaborate with other teams, as well as reading other people's code.

What it does

  • Formica's discord bot folder did not have a requirements.txt file. I added one and tested that the bot worked with the versions of the packages I added.
  • CrypotDrive needed to handle an edge case where a user uploaded an empty file on two pages, pages/Login/index.jsx and pages/Dashboard/dashboard.jsx. The code I added on index.jsx checked the file's size when the file was uploaded. The code I added on dashboard.jsx checked the file size before file was submitted for upload. On both pages, an alert was sent to the user if the file was empty.

How we built it

Formica used Python and CryptoDrive used Javascript. Both tasks were uncomplicated, so I didn't need extra packages.

Challenges we ran into

  • I had multiple packages of some npm libraries installed, which caused some issues for me locally.
  • I didn't understand how to use MetaMask, a blockchain technology, but Sai Durga Kamesh Kota was great at helping me get started with it!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learning a little about blockchain! I have never used blockchain tech before, so it was cool to interact with MetaMask

What we learned

  • Understanding npm a little better, and how to debug it in the future!

What's next for CryptoDrive and Formica

Using the awesome platforms that these teams built!

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