We always try to make commitments like going for a run or reading a certain amount of pages from a book. But one of the biggest issues is being able to commit to them. We needed a way to incur small consequences on the user, big enough to incite them to complete their commitments. And from this idea came CryptoCountability.

What it does

CryptoCountability asks the user to enter their commitments into the platform and choose a certain monetary value which they will be accountable for if they miss their deadline for completing a task. By using crypto (XRP) transactions instead of normal credit cards, microtransactions can be used. Additionally, the money is donated to an NGO of the user's choice hence it is all for a good cause.

How it was built

This project uses Wix Code to host the full website. This website interacts with the mapping API to give the user a visual of their run or walk that will indicate the completion of a commitment. We incorporated a lot of javascript into wix code to interact beautifully with the datasets and forms that are displayed on the website. We also incorporated HTML iFrames in wix for integrating powerful applications of tools like the map. Finally the website uses the interledger protocol API to actually process the microtransaction.

Challenges faced

Using a completely new, yet powerful, platform like Wix Code and integrating it with another new and powerful platform, Interledger, we had a lot of struggles combining the technologies on our own. However we were not only able to integrate the interledger protocol API to manage the micropayments, we were able to successfully integrate powerful new features like the maps api that tracks as well as visualises someone's outdoor workout.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of the fact that we've built a fully functional website that can even be shared with the world and that this website tackles a very common problem amongst people who have trouble completing tasks and would love the motivation to do so. At the end of it all, all the money goes to charity that serves a good cause.

What we learned

We learnt a huge amount about Wix Code and its possibilities but we were also fascinated by the amazing power and possibilities with the Interledger protocol API as well as platforms like coil that are new but ready to use services.

What's next for CryptoCountability

We definitely hope to build on this platform because since it is a website, it can very easily be shared. While we have been able to build on top of just a minimum viable product, we can add features like support for more platforms and small screen support as well. We're excited for what's in store for this concept!

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