Are you stressed about COVID-19? You're not alone.

Over 50% of adults in US reported their mental health was negatively affected due to worry and stress over the new coronavirus. Cities lockdown and the implementation of COVID-19 measures affected many industries, and many lost their jobs during this period.

We have long known that campfires and fires in a hearth help us to relax, as fire played a key role in human evolution and was closely linked to human psychology.

Here, we are presenting a solution that helps people to relax while generating an extra source of income.

What it does

CryptoChill fixes the main problem that people tend to have with the classic Yulelog (virtual fireplace) - the fact being that it does not actually generate heat. CryptoChill provides users with a way to relax and get warm while engaging in a warm (No pun intended!) community via live chat where users can talk to each other. CryptoChill generates heat using the users' computer to mine cryptocurrency, thus warming the user, and in exchange, CryptoChill subsidies the users' electricity costs with a revenue split between the user and the platform. This enables the user to stay warm in an environmentally friendly way as on average, electric heating is many times cleaner than gas or oil.


  1. Users can view the description of the site on the landing page

  2. Users give their consent for cryptocurrency mining by signing up/login

  3. After logging in, users can search & browse popular Yulelog/fireplace videos, or enter an URL of their favorite video. They can save videos as favorites.

  4. They can browse their saved videos on the favorite page

  5. Each page allows users to listen to music from Spotify as they watch the Yulelog videos.

  6. When a user plays a video from the carousel of videos, cryptocurrency will be generated in the background.

  7. Users can also create a chat room where other users can join and talk among themselves, listen to music, and watch the Yulelog/fireplace videos together.

How we built it

  • UI design using Figma

  • Front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Back-end development using Node.js, Express, and EJS

  • Real-time communication using

  • Client side CPU cryptocurrency mining via Webminepool

  • User creation and authentication using Firebase

  • Application hosting through Google Cloud Platform's App Engine

Challenges we ran into

We are an international team with 3 time zones. Not all of us are awake at the same time, and it was a challenge to find a meeting time that suits everyone. We overcame the challenge by effective communication and planning via Discord, Zoom, and Trello.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a full application, and completed what we envisioned to do in the beginning!

What we learned

We learnt a lot about implementing live chat using and authentication using Firebase, and integrating front-end and back-end. We also learned how to incorporate cryptocurrency mining with our application!

What's next for CryptoChill

  • Link to cryptocurrency wallet

  • Choice of algorithm & cryptocurrency

  • GPU mining to increase payouts and heat output via GPU.js

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