Wanted to try something i haven't seen done before

How it works

1) convert plaintext from file into a binary string 2) generate a random key (in the form of a binary string) and produce the encrypted data (also bin str) using a bit- wise exclusive or operation (xor) to transmit over sound 3) remote log in (still in python) to my ubuntu server and store the private key as a text file 4) produce a stream of audio data through my speakers that represents the encrypted data -first python script ends as the next one begins- 5) in real time- listens to the audio stream through my mic and reproduces the encrypted data in the form of a bin str 6) remote logs in to my ubuntu server and reads in the private key to the running python script 7) preforms binary xor operation on the key and the encrypted data to reproduce the original binary string 8) converts that binary string back into the original plaintext

Challenges I ran into

literally everything. mostly trying to figure out what to make of the raw audio data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

actually able to transmit meaningful data across a sound medium and recompose it on the other side with 100% accuracy

What I learned

a lot about python audio processing and bit-wise math

What's next for CryptoBeep

optimizing it to be faster and work more dynamically

Built With

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