People form communities for the betterment of their lives and communities have different cultures, opinions, objectives, and morale. Everyone should have the same level of access to information. Often it is experienced that the news media and social networks are monitored and restricted public access to obtain information about social occurrences.

To solve this problem, we have created CryptoBeacon as an inclusive community empowerment solution.

We aim to achieve UN SDG's target 16 of ensuring public access to information through this project.

What it does

CryptoBeacon is an open-voice platform. It has a minimalist UI that enables people from all over the world to come to share their speeches and report the things happening concurrently, irrespective of their casts, creed, race, religion, and culture while keeping them above potential security risk and third party interventions. It allows people to overcome local restrictions imposed on internet connectivity and omits the need of using a Virtual Private Network to access state-blocked contents and resources.

How we built it

  • For building the front end interface we have used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to keep it quick and simple.
  • The decentralized portion is designed using Ethereum based scalable and efficient solution - polygon.
  • Our system leverage IPFS, which is a secured peer-to-peer network file storage. It helped us to remove single points of failure in our developed system.
  • We have built this inclusive solution as a decentralized application.

Challenges we ran into

  • To protect the shared data, we had to find an unconventional data storage facility which cannot be altered and cannot be restricted by any single authority. This was a major challenge as centralized client-server models are popular but they can easily be restricted access to. Finally we came across IPFS, learned to implement and turned our platform into a peer-to-peer model.
  • Design and research phase too much more time, leaving us shorter time for implementation phase
  • Understanding a proof-of-stake based plasma-enabled Polygon blockchain network was quite challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have been able to reach upto 60% functionalities of the planned MVP in two days
  • From ideation to building a functional
  • Through the implementation of this project, we were able to demonstrate great concern for the oppressed communities, who barely have an open platform to share voice regarding their rights.
  • Proper teamwork and team management is a crucial aspect, and we believe we have made some good progress on this regard

What we learned

  • By brainstorming altogether, we have ventured into a exploring new emerging tech such as blockchain, studied the product implementation aspects and were able to reach upto a 60% working MVP 
  • For the very first time, we have proposed and integrated a decentralized aspect in our system architecture, which was completely new and challenging for us   
  • Getting acquainted with an off-chain data storage facility.
  • In fine, we explored a very specific use-case of decentralized blockchain for the aid of community development purposes.

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