I always wanted to start trading Crypto Currencies but never knew where to start. Anytime searched something up I got a ton of responses from different people all saying different things which just confused me more and more. This led to me becoming unsure of what to do and what currencies to invest in and whether they should be long term and short term. I also felt it was extremely risky since I knew all it takes is someone like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg to completely change a coins value. For those reasons I developed Crypto World, the answer to all your problems

What it does

Crypto World gives you all the live and up to date information regarding the market value, cryptocurrencies and graphs as well as latest news about any crypto topic you are interested as well as the most popular exchange platforms to get you started and making some bread.

How we built it

It was developed using Node js and React js along with the redux toolkit and a few API's for providing live market data and information

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges I ran into as a High School developer was the details page which provides with all the details regarding the specific coin you are interested in. For some reason we I faced a bug that didn't allow me to display anything on that page and was completely blank for a while delaying progresses and development. After I got it working I was faced with the crypto graph bug which would use an API to retrieve the coins history to develop the graph and for some reason i am yet unable to display it due to timeline errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am most proud of being able to learn knew technologies and develop an application that I am proud of and can actually be useful and used by other investors. I am most proud about getting the application into deployment and being able to get a lot of cool features working such as the top 10 cryptos and trending news on the home page and being able to search for specific coins or features.

What we learned

I learned how to use the redux toolkit along with some API's for the first time in a react application. I am also very happy I got the opportunity to learn about knew blockchain technologies that can hopefully be incorporated in to the application to further improve it and allow new investors to feel more welcomed and make money faster.

What's next for Crypto World

After debugging the Graph chart I would love to add an upvote and downvote feature using blockchain technologies to allow user to upvote or downvote their favorite coin that is making them money so that new investors can quickly catch onto knew trends in the market and be able to gain quick and valuable information from others without the need of having to do a ton of research about a coin and whether or not they should invest in it and if they would how much. The plan is to scale up Crypto World with blockchain technology and make sure everyone's coins go to the moon.

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