I was inspired by The Crypto Exchange Binance, UMA, ENS, And Chainlink to think of ways to free crypto currency from the Closed system of 2d Screens and, combined with the art of 3d Data visualization, Bring our Permission-protected Crypto History into the 22nd Century.

What it does

Uses a QR code embedded in an Anchor to Allow Permission protected access to ONe's own Wallet and History in a 3 dimensional Frame.

How I built it

A-FRame, QR CODE, Glitch, Github, Html Javascript, CSS

Challenges I ran into

Permissions, timelimits, encryption Technology, Point of View, Camera stabilization

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working QR . REader, DEcentralized Upload to ARweave, and AR representational Token

What I learned

D transforms, Encryption, decentralized hosting.

What's next for Crypto-Vue- ProtoDrive: An Augmented Reality Approach

Robust visualization tools to be customized by the user.

Built With

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