We all saw what happende after Elon Musk talked about his enthusiasm for Dogecoin, we were late to notice and could not invest in time, so we decided that this could not happen again!!

What it does

Our program tracks hundreds of celebrities' accounts on twitter, (including Musk, of course) and analyses every tweet they send in order to see whether they are talking about a Cryptocurrency or not. If they are, we run a sentiment-analysis to check if their impression is a positive or a negative one. When finished, another twitter account ( @CryptoAdvisor14 ) will send a tweet about what currency is being talked about and the mood of the twit detected.

How we built it

We used Twitter API for the connection with social media and a library called ntlk to check for the sentiment-analysis in the twit. We upload the results to @CryptoAdvisor14

Challenges we ran into

Every step we took brought some problems but we did no encounter any major inconvenience at all. It was some intense work at the end though. However, we have lacked time to finish the implementation of the machine learning trained model to predict 'Celebrities Speculation Bubbles' in order to invest in stock market instantly with a Speculation Bubble Trading Bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was the first time we finalized a hackathon project and we are so proud of it!! Also, it was fun working on this project as this idea was one we had a long time ago and we have been able to carry out finally

What we learned

We learned a lot about Twitter API and social-media APIs in general. We also learned about sentiment analysis. We also made ourselves more used to talk and listen with a mask on XD (We usually work from home now)

What's next for Crypto Twit-Advisor

We'd really like to send a direct message to our phones instead of using a dedicated twitter account. It just seems like the correct and techy thing to do :)

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