Inspiration 🤖

We were inspired to build Crypto Tracker after noticing the lack of a similar program on Telegram, despite the prevalence of Bitcoin ownership or the popularity of Telegram as a messaging platform.

What it does ❓

Crypto Tracker is a telegram bot that offers many features to enable retail cryptocurrency investors to better monitor cryptocurrencies. It allows the user to

  • Get trading data for a specific cryptocurrency using /get
  • Display the 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization using /top
  • Set an alert that triggers when a cryptocurrency crosses a certain price using /alert
  • Plot a graph of cryptocurrency closing prices in the past 10 days, hours or minutes using /graph
  • Display the list of available commands and how to format them using /help

How we built it 🔨

Crypto Tracker is written in Python and makes use of various Python packages such as matplotlib, telegram and requests. Our bot works by sending HTTP requests to the free API provided by

Challenges we ran into

This is the first hackathon for most of our members and none of us had any prior experience building Telegram bots. We encountered various technical difficulties at the start that we are proud to have overcame in order to complete the project.

Additionally, our team members are currently in the UK, US and Singapore. It was difficult to communicate from 3 drastically different timezones.


Search up @dingdong_cryptobot on telegram and either message it directly or add it to your group chats.

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