As we were trying to come up with ideas for our projects, somehow cryptocurrency came out of no where. Fortunately, Capital One had challenge in finance. The first thing we did, was discuss our experience with cryptocurrency and figure out what can we do that other people haven't done yet, to improve user's experience with cryptocurrency for people like investors and newbies that new to the game of blockchain technology. I remember that when I first started, I bough 100 dollars of Litecoin when it was around 50 dollars in 2016, just because people were talking about cryptocurrency, how people were making money, etc, but I did not know anything about it. Like what did it stand for, what was it that make it valuable, none of those things. And as a result I lost more than a fair amount of money. Why? Because you barely see this in mainstream medias and news. Our App will give you all the information you need, not to only 50 cryptocurrencies but up to 2500, where you can read what is about, keep track of their prices, as well as getting notification for radical increase or decrease from cryptocurrencies. Plus a portfolio where you can see your gains and losses. Therefore, preparing you with the right tools and knowledge to manage your financial assets. After all, cryptocurrencies could be the next "gold".

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