We wanted to do something useful, but we also wanted to do something fun. We're all very interested in crypto, so we knew from the start that we had to build a crypto currency app. We also are big Shrek fans (although we had to avoid the name for obvious reasons), so we thought: Who says we can't do both?

What it does

Crypto Sherk allows you to stay updated with real time prices of the top 100 crypto coins in the market at the moment, taking a different approach to the old-school, very executive look that most apps keep displaying. Here, you can relax, enjoy the simplicity of it, and get the same benefits you would get from a regular, serious-looking, straight up boring app.

How we built it

This is a front end project built with JavaScript, React and styled with Sass, as well as libraries such as Material UI.

Challenges we ran into

We would have liked to add a bunch of extra features we had in mind, and although we're really proud of what we accomplished, we definitely noticed that time was a huge factor in this. It was hard to prioritize sleep when we always felt like we had so much to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of achieving a fully functional, great looking, and fun-incentive app. Although we would have liked to include more functionality to it, it still is an easy-to-look app, which serves its purpose perfectly.

What we learned

We learned a lot about time management, cooperating with your team, and researching as much as possible before even beginning to code. It was very helpful to have the exact template of what we wanted to do in our heads by the time we opened VS Code.

What's next for Crypto Sherk

After ShellHacks, we will definitely put some more work in Crypto Sherk, adding a news section, about us section, and probably even a login feature so you can chat with other Cryptogers!

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