Crypto Revolution was inspired by the individuals and organizations that have helped to shape the industry we see today. Through engaging and immersive gameplay we hope to drive awareness for blockchain technology, and drive adoption on a global scale.

What it does

Crypto Revolution is a blockchain-based digital trading card game focused on driving awareness for blockchain technology through exciting and immersive gameplay. Build a deck based on your favourite cards, and engage in head-to-head battles in a race to achieve 100% Global Adoption. Crypto Revolution leverages blockchain technology to enhance the digital gaming landscape, introducing aspects such as true asset ownership, scarcity, and governance to create a truly rewarding gaming experience. Crypto Revolution represents a unique blend of emerging technological and social constructs to deliver a robust card-based ecosystem for the crypto native gamer.

How we built it

Following extensive research spanning game design, mechanics, blockchain technology etc., we created the rules and initial card set for Crypto Revolution. We drew inspiration from successful card games, as well as economic structures and other gameplay mechanic paradigms.

Challenges we ran into

Dynamic game environments require acute balancing to ensure that the game is both engaging and sustainable. In constructing Crypto Revolution, one of the main challenges was ensuring that the game doesn't "break," referring to situations where the game loses its appeal or no further moves are possible (excluding a player winning the game).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Receiving positive feedback from potential investors and game development studios.

Constructing a robust game environment that has broad appeal across crypto-natives, gamers, collectors and more.

What we learned

We've learned much about the extensive process of making a game and what is required to create a truly unique experience. This is more of an ongoing lesson, and we intend to continue to tweak and improve upon Crypto Revolution's mechanics and gameplay.

What's next for Crypto Revolution

Working with our development partners, next steps are the minting of the first set of NFTs and constructing the beta version of Crypto Revolution. We also need to select which protocol to conduct the initial launch, currently deciding between NEAR Protocol and Polygon.

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