I have a background in derivatives trading. I traded for almost ten years in Chicago. Smart contracts are like bespoke options.

What it does

I really just wanted to access the API and learn. I was able to create some charts.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

I had a key error that I will need to debug.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made API calls, I used Chainlink, I got Truffle working on my home machine, and I set up Metamask and used Remix to exchange ETH and LINK. It was very instructive. I also got a Node site set up on my home machine and can't believe how fast it is. I think I will make my next website with Node now too.

What I learned

I learned how to use an API and Job IDs to interact with oracles. There was a lot of code to get started with. I have a better idea of why I would want to set up an oracle and why users would pay to pull data from it.

What's next for Crypto Rating Function

I'm going to debug the code and send it in so the Python wrapper has access to the Crypto_Rating call in the original API. I'm also going to try to set up a Node app that accumulates historical information on the ratings, and offers charting.

Everything below here was in a text file that I submitted on Discord. Thank you for running the Hackathon this weekend!

//I'm sorry about the lack of a video submission. I was able to look at charts by using the python wrapper to call the Alpha Vantage API. I'm interested in the FCAS ratings for the different cryptocurrencies. It seems like the API does not offer time series. So an oracle contract could check the ratings on a regular basis and offer the original data, historical data, and other metrics. This would lower demand on the AV api and hopefully pay for maintaining the oracle. Because of this hackathon I also learned about Alpaca, Truffle, and Chainlink. I was able to use chainlink code in Remix as well as on my home machine through the terminal. I was very happy with being able to set up Metamask, get ETH from a faucet, and have the walkthrough on converting some to LINK. I have a better understanding of how the gas system works. Instead of exchange fees on a monthly basis for access to prices the user pays per query according to the price set on a particular node. My goal for the weekend was to create a ticker with Cryptocurrency prices and ratings. Although that didn't happen I was really happy with being able to make API calls and learn about blockchain. I'm going to debug the code that I wrote and submit it once I have it working. I would also like to have a crypto_rating call using chainlink in truffle. But if I can extend the Python library with the code below I would be happy with my first hackathon.

Thank you,


from .alphavantage import AlphaVantage as av

class CryptoCurrencies(av): """This class implements all the crypto currencies api calls """

@av._output_format @av._call_api_on_func def get_crypto_rating(self, symbol): """This API call returns the Crypto Rating for a chosen symbol

    Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS) is a comparative metric used 
    to assess the fundamental health of crypto projects. The score is derived 
    from the interactivity between primary project life-cycle factors: User 
    Activity/Utility, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity. Each crypto 
    asset is given a composite numerical score, 0-1000

    Keyword Arguments:
        symbol: The digital/crypto currency of your choice. It can be any
        of the currencies in the digital currency list. For example:

    returns json or pandas only
    return _FUNCTION_KEY, 'Crypto Rating (FCAS)', None

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