We´re a group of developers specialized on permissioned and permissionless blockchains and gamers. We have a tournament management startup and decided to create a game to collect coins an enhace the cars and drivers! Inspired by games like need for speed hot persuit and Formula 1 scuderias we decided to create this competitive gaming experience.

What it does

Krypto Racer is a competitive game where a driver and a car will join skills to enhance the gaming experience. Both with registered profiles and NFTs will be able to level up. This data is registered in the backend. Both will be able to collect coins to leverage their skills, trade or stake (future releases). Any player will be able to purchase drivers or cars nfts and create their driving scuderia!

How we built it

We build the game using the Unity Engine, on C# language. We created the token FT and NFT api using Stardust engine, and the driver, user and car profile on mongodb in order to register the car and driver evolution, related to the NFTs. The combination of a certain drivers skills with car characteristis will, either improve or worsen the driving competitive experience, so chose your driver skills and car characteristics wisely!

Challenges we ran into

Rust learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We´re still learning how to implement the financial dynamics in order to mantain the rewards balance.

What's next for Crypto Racer

Improve car and driver profile, add police challenge, battle royal mixed with competitive racing.

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