A couple months ago, one of our team members woke up early in the morning half asleep and lost his balance causing him to fall over and hit his head. When he had reached the hospital, he was asked to fill out length paperwork before he could be seen by a nurse or doctor. To have to fill out paperwork in an injured state is often a troublesome process for patients and can be a significant delay in the admissions process. We wanted to find a way to use technology to shorten the time between arriving at the hospital and seeing medical staff.

What it does

It provides hospitals with immediate access to patient histories while storing the data in HIPAA compliant servers at various Health Care Centers. We use Blockchain technology, Health Nexus DRS and Smart Contracts to specify and ensure that patient data can be accessed by Health Care Providers given the consent of a user. Using our integrated web app, patient's can give permission to their health care providers to view and/or edit their medical history. When implemented, this allows for patients to quickly go through the patient admissions process by an interaction between the Patient's and the Health Care Provider's web apps. This immediately provides the standard information necessary for checking in. Similarly, the patient's medical history is also easily accessible to the patient due to our Patient Centric approach. Our utilization of the Health Nexus Blockchain promotes informed consent and patient privacy.

How we built it

We started off by considering our options for building a Blockchain application. Where we then narrowed it down to the KPS system. Next, we built a Blockchain service and reframed our idea to work with the capabilities of the existing system. Then we made modifications to build a third party application which gives patient's quick and easy access to their complete medical history.

Challenges we ran into

Learning completely new technology was an immense challenge because it made it harder to delegate tasks because we were all learning new things together. Solving dependency problems in the libraries during implementation of block chain, because it's a quickly evolving technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're quite proud of learning how to work with the KPS within such a short amount of time. Successfully implementing a Blockchain using the KPS system.

What we learned

All of our team members have not worked with KPS or Blockchain before. This involved us learning a lot about the KPS system and Ethereum. This involved taking an in depth look at Transactions/Services in KPS.

What's next for Crypto Nexus

Developing methods to store data categorically by using family trees. We hope for this to allow for more efficient analysis of family histories to improve the health of users. Scale it to a global scale to allow for more wholesome medical research.

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