This tool enables and incentivizes community to report problems and potentials in a neighborhood in order to start discussing and solving them collaboratively. Each user can spot a problem, take a geotagged picture it and place a bounty on solution of it. On a map everybody can discuss and upvote the most important proposals. Once reasonable amount of money is raised an interested party accepts the task. The staked ETH is locked until an expiration period is reached. If the community approves the solution, the ETH is released and the author of the proposal is also rewarded. Process can scale up when a local government approval is needed for the changes to be implemented legally.


  • Geocaching
    • people going to places,
    • interacting with spaces,
    • knowing and remembering them
  • Participatory co-design workshops
    • people getting together to discuss public space changes
    • missing incentives to participate filter certain types of people on such events
    • working with plans and rendered images is less tangible than really going there
  • Play2Earn
    • Motivating people to participate in co-design by rewarding the upvoted solutions as well as problem descriptions


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Built With

  • concept
  • figma
  • just
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