This project got inspired by the current challenges with corruption, data security and transparency in public administration.

The E-Government dApp encrypts the data entered by citizens with the government public key. Simultaneously, the citizen sends the data to the blockchain, which creates a unique hash. Once the government receives the sent data in its centralized server, it decrypts it. Then the government hashes the information and sends it to the blockchain. Therefore, there are two identical hashes creates by both the citizen and the government. Once both of the hashes are on the blockchain, they should match and thus secure the validity of information. If the hashes do not match, that shows tampering of information or error of the information; therefore, this should be send once again.

The blockchain system ensures that the data is not changed by any of the senders, as well as it ensures the transparency of when the information was submitted.

*The dApp was built on basis of NEO * due to its security, finality, efficiency and decentralization & transparency of information ensured by the blockchain.

The biggest challenge is the setting up of the NEO environment on our current systems. The documentation of NEO was insufficient and at times even wrong, which proved to be the biggest challenge.

We are proud of the conceptualization of the dApp, as well as of the bigger context and vision of Crypto Island project. We learned that blockchain is a powerful tool to foster more transparency and security; however, the careful selection of the underlying technology is crucial. A further investigation into NEO is recommended before implementing this project at a larger scale.

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