Cryptocurrencies are trending. So a skill which covers everything you want to know about cryptocurrencies. Also updated to have a portfolio feature.

What it does

Crypto Flash is a universal point resource for real-time information, news and analysis on Flashcoin and as well as all the other Crypto Currencies and ICOs through Amazon Alexa. Crypto Flash supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. You can use Crypto Flash to get the real-time information including the current price, volume, market cap, all of them even in alternate fiat currencies like pound, rupees, euro, yen etc. and not just US dollars! Crypto Flash also supports a portfolio feature which will help you keep track of all the different cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. You can Add/Update/Delete coins from your portfolio. You can get the real-time value of your portfolio in US dollars as well as alternate fiat currencies. You will also be informed of the change in the value of your portfolio since the last time you checked.

How I built it

Built with AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges of finding public APIs for cryptocurrencies and making the portfolio feature.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a multi purpose cryptocurrency skill for every crypto enthusiast to use.

What I learned

More about the use cases of Alexa related to crypto skills.

What's next for Crypto Flash

More features will be added based on user demand.

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