Crypto Exchange Traded Token

What it does

The Crypto Exchange Traded Token is the tradition financial markets equivalent of an exchange traded fund. It is a portfolio of industry-specific tokens that represent a proportional investment in that industry (ie. DeFi ETT = 20% AAVE, 10% YFI, 25% UNI, 10% CRV, 10% CEL, etc.). The pricing of the underlying tokens in the portfolio and adjustment of the portfolio would be based on price feeds from Chainlink oracles.

How we built it

Using Truffle, we developed the smart contracts for the token and built the React front-end using Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

The product already exists and I found this out on Saturday, April 10th. One technical issue was the front-end staking app was not able to communicate with the smart contract, so it brought up an error. The transaction to Kovan succeeded, but the this.state.tokenFarm.methods continued to fail and I did not resolve it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm pretty happy that I am well on my way to developing external adapters thanks to the step-by-step tutorial by Patrick Collins.

What we learned

I'm thrilled that I got past the development part of external adapters and can now do some research on price feeds for unique and exotic assets.

What's next for Crypto Exchange Traded Token

Looking forward to continued development of the portfolio token through Chainlink and Balancer and working on cool new exotic external adapters for my nodes.

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