🧠 Inspiration

Many of my friends participate in various contests and giveaways of cryptocurrencies. Holding such events is a great way to bring new people into the industry. But it is often difficult to verify the honesty of a particular distribution. I made a project to solve this problem.

😲 What it does

You are able to distribute ETH and any ERC20 tokens to random participants from CSV file. Get your giveaway seed from Chainlink and press distribute — it's easy as that! You can also use it as a simple Token Multisender without any fees!

❓ How we built it

Smart contracts coding and publishing was made with Truffle UI (website) made in NextJS

😀 Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functional DApp solo with no experience. Thanks, Chainlink!

🏫 What we learned

Publishing to a blockchain with Truffle NextJS basics

⏳ What's next for Crypto Distributor

I'm going to finish ERC721 implementing, publish it to a real blockchain and add more token standarts in the future.

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