CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks showed that there's a market for trading PURELY digital assets on the blockchain. With cryptography, we can now track ownership even more easily than we can track who owns a real physical item in real life.

What it does

Make your own crypto collectibles. This is a "nonfungible token-as-a-service"! Upload digital artwork (or just a simple set of images) that you want to tokenize on the Ethereum blockchain, add some settings and descriptions, and with one click plus a few Web3 confirmations you've got your own crypto collectible that you can sell or send to friends.

See EthDinos for an example of a mintable collectible that one of us just made.

How we built it

Truffle, IPFS, Ethereum, python for encryption, Open Sea for getting token liquidity

Challenges we ran into

Encryption is hard and so is passing an array of strings in Solidity... Also IPFS is slow, so we have to host a node for the demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sleeping for 4 whole hours, and making CryptoPenguins and EthDinos as our first two collectibles

What we learned

IPFS, creating contracts programmatically, NuCypher for doing encryption

What's next for Crypto Collectibles

A library for choosing public-domain images to tokenize, along with trading and auctions via Open Sea (

Our Ethereum addresses

For the prizes. Thank you Propy and NuCypher! 0xE96a1B303A1eb8D04fb973eB2B291B8d591C8F72 0x0a645cbBfD479523d142B1a1E703550cd39470f1 0x6Be4a7bbb812Bfa6A63126EE7b76C8A13529BDB8

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