Inspiration here

Our inspiration came from both having some experience in the coffee industry, as well as being passionate about the potential of blockchain to build a more equitable world.

Problem to be solved

An equitable coffee supply chain is only achieved when all requirements, standards and incentives are aligned in a way that fairly rewards all participants.

True transparency and traceability is difficult to achieve because it requires coordination between dozens of participants along the supply chain.


cryptocoffee is a blockchain protocol that standardizes the collection and visibility of coffee supply chain data. A protocol token incentivizes adoption among supply chain participants and encourages community participation.

Challenges we ran into

Given how new this technology is and how untested different models for deployment are, we struggled to figure out the right approach.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After going round and round, we eventually agreed upon an approach and did our best to work through a vision for what this could become.

What we learned

That we have so much more to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. But there also seems to be no end to its potential to solve very real problems that exist in the world today.

What's next for cryptocoffee

Regardless of the outcome of the hackathon, we intend to keep working on this project on the side in the hopes that we can garner some real interest in developing it in a real way.

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