The Avast challenge theme of security and 101 inspired us to come up with an addictive thematic game involving cryptography, while also learning about the different encryption algorithms that keep users safe while browsing the web!

What it does

The game is set in the `Crypto Castle', where the player is lead through a series of rooms (3+ different themes), unlocked by solving a cipher. Our brave explorer tries to traverse through the castle by solving increasingly difficult challenges. Not only is it an addictive and challenging game, but also allows the user to learn some of the classic encryption algorithms, starting with simple Caesar ciphers, and eventually building up to RSA.

Procedurally generated puzzles lead to infinite numbers of levels and unlimited gameplay!

How we built it

We used MelonJS as a framework to make the game in Javascript. This can function offline in a browser. Used `Tiled' to make the maps, GIMP to make some of the sprites, and open source sprites/music/sound effects to add the finishing touches.

Challenges we ran into

Traversing poor/incomplete documentation and dealing with a combination of artwork programs and code proved the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of the procedurally generating concept for infinite and addictive gameplay. We are also very pleased with our successful implementation of encryption algorithms into a fun, gamified format.

What we learned

Understanding what makes a good game! The combination of good graphic design, enticing plots, and fluid gameplay (built on solid code) is what goes behind great games and was our key takeaway.

What's next for Crypto Castle

Refinement of the levels and addition of a more diverse selection of challenges will make our game even better!

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