Crypto Adventures was inspired by Cryptokitties, Etherbots, the ability for the blockchain to allow others to utilize other DApps, and roleplaying games. We wanted to create a game that gave these non-fungible tokens some use besides collecting. We plan to make it simple for developers to integrate their tokens into our platform and for community members to create new stories that they can play.

What it does

Takes non-fungible tokens and uses them to create more tokens that are mapped to the original tokens. Uses an oracle and CryptoKitties_API to query the blockchain to get the users available kitties. Creates Items which are ERC721 tokens that can be equipped by characters for use in playing the game

How we built it

We tried to use a truffle environment to set it up and test. We also used text editors instead of remix, this may have been an issue. Kevin and Edmund worked on the Solidity contracts Calvin wrote the story and worked on the web3 integration Caleb created the artwork and basic site to test our creation

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding libraries and APIs
  • Debugging Contracts
  • Dealing with the overall complexity of the project
  • Teams first Hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We learned several new languages such as Solidity
  • We created the idea and logic for our game, that was an important base layer for the long-term
  • We got the basis for most of our core contracts finished.

What we learned

Well, this is the first Ethereum project that any of us have worked on. So we ran into issues that probably could have been easily solved had we been through a development cycle or two. Two of our team members were also new to working in an open source environment but they grew tremendously.

I think another important challenge we ran into was this all of our team members first hackathon. Making it more difficult it was 36 hours plus the workshops beforehand. This makes it quite the marathon. Unfortunately, we all found key pieces such as the API to get to get the kitties owners at around hour 24, meaning we wasted too much time trying to create our own workarounds.

Considering we didn't have an idea until just before our hack started, we are extremely proud of what we did. Going forward we would probably spend more time researching useful tools to save us time in the process of actual writing.

What's next for Crypto-Adventures

  • Finish Oracle
  • Research POA network deployment
  • Implement community-driven stories
  • Implement other tokens besides kitties for characters
  • Provide race bonuses for different character tokens
  • Secure and audit platform

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