Cryptea was greatly inspired by the need to seamlessly pay creators through Crypto.

What it does

Enable creators to receive tips from their community/fans, through Crypto. Currently, we have added the individual username feature, where you can get paid directly using your username.

How we built it

The project makes use of a Moralis server, to store usernames, and process authentication. It also makes use of the Covalent API for On-Chain info. We used React for the Frontend development and are hosting on the Blockchain, using Spheron. The product currently supports the Polygon blockchain and uses Moralis to process the payments to creators, using Native token options.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to effectively use Moralis to achieve our end goal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this product completely, from the ground up.

What we learned

Building on the blockchain is a bit technical and requires some research.

What's next for Cryptea

The Product roadmap is divided into a few sections, and we plan to complete them over the next few months. The sections include:

  • UI
  • Features
  • Integrations


  • Product Pages
  • User Pages
  • Dark Mode
  • Custom colours for users
  • Themes
  • User Page custom design


  • Product Pages
  • Creating multiple services/products
  • Multiple product links
  • Adding private resources
  • General user pages to show all listed services and projects
  • Enable comments on user pages (restricted to supporters)
  • Enable comments while tipping
  • Analytics for product pages
  • Recurring payments (monthly, annually, or even custom timelines)
  • Quick transfer to ENS domains
  • User Page Custom designs


  • Integrate with the Solana blockchain
  • Integrate with WalletConnect for authentication
  • Integration with Unstoppable domains for authentication

Built With

  • covalent
  • filecoin
  • ipfs
  • moralis
  • react
  • spheron
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