CryptaMail is a secure, 100% decentralized email service.

Built on top of the Nextcoin blockchain, Cryptamail allows for online messaging with no email server or central storage point of any kind. Without a centralized piece of hardware (eg: an email server) for messages to be viewed or even be requested from.

Just like Bitcoin stores all of it's transaction data in a decentralized record known as it's blockchain, CryptaMail records every message in the Nextcoin blockchain; Nextcoin is considered a Bitcoin 2.0/Blockchain 2.0 technology, since it goes beyond Bitcoin to allow new features like 100% decentralized secure messaging.

Using Nextcoin's blockchain is so secure that even CryptaMail doesn't know your username or password. The ONLY person who has access to the messages stored in the Nextcoin blockchain through CryptaMail is the one with the password, YOU.

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