The idea of ​​creating this app is to help a new investor learn the basics of cryptocurrency so that he can track market price, current price, percentage increase or decrease, etc. There are many apps available like Binance, CoinBase, etc., but those are not very friendly.

What it does

When the user opens the app for the first time, he can see the total market value of the cryptocurrency, the total amount and tokens of the top five coins and the top 5 most popular Crypto Exchange. There are also 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen that helps continuously use to navigate between simple screens. When a user clicks on any coin, you can see the current price of that coin and the percentage increase or decrease. Below the price section, is a graph showing the price change for 7 days in the form of an image. Below is the official website button for that character and some basic statistics about it. In the Exchange listing section, All listed transactions will appear when they indicate market capture in BTC and when a user clicks on that, their official website will appear on the screen. The following tab is about a currency update that shows which project is coming up or any new coin on the exchange list.

How we built it

We built our project through React-native and Expo CLI. We start designing our layout with the help of an online design tool called Figma. Then we start writing codes after gathering all the information and resources. We use the free CoinGeecko API to provide all the data in our application.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to get the data live and it could be exchanged in seconds just like its real value. To overcome this, we used a socket to convert data every second. The next challenge was to get free API data. I hope we have the CoinGeecko API to use our design thinking into a viable project.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to improve the app. We know how regional administrators work, how the API call works in an app, how we can improve the Android and IOS platform app and many other fun things.

What's next for Cryptalysis

Our next goal is to add a signup/login function with the bookmark feature. We also plan to add filters and search options so users can easily navigate and search our application.

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