Government is a prime candidate to become drastically improved by implementing blockchain technologies to track where money goes between agencies and from agencies to the people.

What it does

CryptoSnap9001 allows SNAP participants to pay for groceries through their smartphones with a QR code, and requires cashiers to take photos of receipts to eliminate fraudulent purchases.

How we built it

create-react-app frontend, Firebase backend, Stellar horizon-testnet for transactions, and CSS for styling.

Challenges we ran into

Confusing and misleading documentation for various libraries we used. For example Stellar network JavaScript functions inside their examples did not exist in some cases, and for react-webcam, it claims that getScreenshot "Returns a base64 encoded string of the current webcam image", when in reality it was returning a type of data_url.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully got real transactions being logged on Stellar's Horizon testnet, and our validation prevents transactions from occurring if sender account balance cannot cover it.

What we learned

Collaboration is strength

What's next for CryptoSnap9001

Pilot program

Built With

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