More and more people are deleting their Facebook accounts every day as trust in the social network declines. However, we all have so much data stored on Facebook with all of our old posts, images and other memories. SocialVault was made so that you could #deletefacebook and take your data with you.

What it does

SocialVault allows you to upload and store your Facebook profile data in a secure way. After uploading, users can browse through data such as their old posts, image albums, events they've attended, groups they joined, and much more.

How I built it

The main app is built in React, and the data storage is done using Blockstack's Gaia storage. This allows us to store sensitive user data in a decentralized and encrypted way, so that no one but the user can access their information.

Challenges I ran into

Blockstack currently has very limited documentation, not much useful libraries created, and many bugs that no one has posted a solution to. There was a lot of trial and error involved in getting this to finally work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making my way through and finishing the app even though it took many hours to resolve bugs that have no solution on stackoverflow.

What I learned

I learned how to properly build and deploy a blockstack app, and probably know enough to help beginners when they run into similar problems to the ones I had.

What's next for SocialVault

In the future we may allow users to import their data into more privacy-focused social networks. We may also add support for social networks besides Facebook, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Built With

  • blockstack-react-gaia
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