The idea stemmed from the conspicuous lack of beautiful, easy to use, web-based portfolio managers available to cryptocurrency investors. We realized, however, that such a platform could be so much more. With CRYBL, we introduce smart contracts to provide a gamified investing experience.

What it does

CRYBL provides investors a clear overview of their cryptocurrency portfolio and integrated access to breaking news. Investors can subscribe to market moving hashtags relevant to their holdings, which will populate their feed alongside a sentiment analysis around those tags. Their balances are connected to CoinMarketCap, where live market data is used to update and graph their respective portfolios. Investors place trades directly on our platform, which we execute on Binance’s exchange for a small fee.

The incremental fee proceeds from across our user base get held in an Ethereum Wallet. Investors can check their live rank on our leaderboard, which we measure by percent returns since the first of the month and where gains from any deposits over the course of the month are deferred to the next month. At the end of each month, the contract allocates the Wallet’s pool to the top ten investors, depositing Ethereum directly to their CRYBL portfolios.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Solidity from scratch to write the smart contract was a challenge. Setting up elastic balancing on AWS for MongoDB was a first for us. Using Node REST monitoring for our stock tickers and transactions was anything but a breeze. And of course, learning the insides of our target audiences UX/UI preferences was an abysmal difficulty.

What we're proud of

Making a beautiful and responsive UI to encapsulate our project, while finishing on time! We are also stoked about our branding, and that we were able to secure the domain. CRYBL is a play on both the idea of mining value (check out our logo: should look and sound like “crystal”!) on top of its play on cryptocurrency + blockchain: crypto + blockchain = crybl

What's next for CRYBL

Our platform provides a simple, integrated, one-stop shop for cryptocurrency investing. While this provides a long sought after environment for crypto pros, it also serves as a welcoming environment for crypto newcomers. To improve the investing experience for these newcomers, we want to integrate a portfolio “copy” feature akin to CryptoCopy. The investor selects the amount of fiat capital that they want to invest and select an investor from the leaderboard with high returns, trading in currencies they like to follow. Then, the investor will automatically buy and sell the underlying currencies as the investor managing the “copied” portfolio does so. Besides that, just polishing up the interface and releasing it in alpha to the public!

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