Team Members: Sara Garcia, Alfred Milan, Liliana Chavez, Juan Delgado, Oscar Aguirre README file describing contents of proposed application: Project name: Cruz Repairs Mission Statement: Cruz Repairs will help create a network of people which will enable clients and service providers to interact. This will revolutionize the way people hire/ are hired. Issues addressed: People who need to hire a repair person often do not know who or where to hire these people. This network would provide the client with a list of nearby repair service providers who provided their resume. This is a unique feature: craigslist, for instance, provides people with a site where people can put up their ads, yet the site leaves the client in the dark about the person’s qualifications. By creating this network, we are also enabling people with specific skills to enter a pool of resumes from which clients (of our app looking to hire someone) will be able to browse and hire. Plan: The app/company is only providing the network for people to interact. The app/company is not held liable for any person hired or any person who hires someone. It is a space similar to how Facebook is modeled: Facebook is not technically liable for anyone who meets someone on Facebook and later is harmed. Our app is just the people’s means of communication. Actual Implementation: The basic functionalities were set up. It is a rough prototype of what the app will look like. It currently has seven screens.

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