Cruzo is the first multi-chain NFT marketplace and Web3 AI-powered platform for digital emotions. Creators, users, collectors, and Brands can meet and interact with digital content released in NFT: greetings, cards, stories, invites, gifts, soul bounds, holiday avatars, and party goods for Metaverse.

By providing utility and ownership with the help of Blockchain technology, we will open a completely new user experience in terms of engagement, loyalty increase, and monetization for Brands, Influencers, Celebrities, Bloggers, and others.

Cruzo as a part of a new Creator's economy will contribute to developing tools and services for the new generation of NFT Creators helping them monetize their artworks and increase their popularity. Thanks to AI-powered tools like generative images and greeting texts, users will have more creative opportunities for sharing emotions in a digital world.

Our mission is to give emotions and happy moments to everyone, as well as advance the mass adaption of NFTs and AI through revolutionary greetings and gifts Web3 platform.

Problem - solution

1) Greetings, postcards, wishes, invites, gifts, and party goods for Metaverse

2) Most people can't draw or create beautiful postcards or invites. Most people can't write beautiful greeting texts or poems. Most people do not store or lost postcards. E-cards do not give ownership, physicals do not have utility.

3) We will give an opportunity to release all user's ideas with AI-generative images and greetings text as well as all NFT advantages like ownership and utility.

How we built it

Frontend: Next.js, SCSS, ethers.js, IPSF Backend: Nest.js (REST API), ethers.js, Postgres, Redis, Bull, S3, IPSF Blockchain (smart contracts): Solidity Indexer: Go Ethereum

Built With

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