Santa Cruz Hackathon (CruzHacks 2019)

Our group at first started to brainstorm potential ideas for the hackathon, however we later realized that it is important to first figure out the problems before addressing the solutions. So we first started by focusing on the issue of student life, something that we experience every day and a problem which was the most meaningful to us. Also, we are a group of five students with diverse backgrounds including Computer Science, Computer Engineer and Robotics majors. We wanted to build something that would not only solve a problem we care about but also integrate all our varying skills and talents. We came up with multiple ideas including ideas relating to student planner, health, fitness, food, sleep, video call, internet of things, and much more. Our interests have come together in the final product, combining IoT and hardware with software and mobile development, databases, and web development. Front-end, back-end, and robotics are combined to create an app for students that creates a comprehensive daily scheduler which computes what time of the day to accomplish tasks and also controls a light switch and opening and closing blinds from the controls on a simple mobile app.

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