Lockup Lookup

Lockup Lookup is a cheap, safe, and easy way for users to secure their parked bikes at a bike rack. Users can easily use Lockup Lookup to secure their bike, and remotely check-in to ensure their bike hasn't been moved. Deployers of Lockup Lookup receive the frequency of usage for a specific bike rack, and can track anonymized user data that can map out common routes taken by bikers between bike racks.

How it works

Using an Arduino microcontroller, we designed a simple switch that activates when a bike is placed into a bike rack, which causes a servo motor to insert a metal rod into the frame of the bike, securely locking it. A connected Wi-Fi microchip sends a signal to our server, which then flags that a space on that bike rack is being used. The user can then scan a QR code to notify the server that the bike in that space is theirs. From there on out, the user can check in via app to the server to see if their bike is still locked, and can later unlock their bike from the bike rack. The server can also provide its deployers with statistics on bike rack usage, as well as the ability to map out common routes taken by bikers between bike racks.

Materials Used:

  • Adruino Mega 2560

  • ESP 8266-01 (WiFi chip)

  • ALCOswitch

  • Male to male/ male to female wires

  • Green LED

Technologies Used:

  • Firebase

  • Android Studio

  • Illustrator

  • Arduino IDE

  • QGIS Desktop

Built With

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