We've been hearing a lot lately about food insecurity, especially in our community. We feel like tackling food insecurity as a whole is hard, so our system breaks down the problem into simple actions that anyone could take such as making a one-time cash donation, donating food supplies that are always in demand, or volunteering their time.

What it Does:

Our system helps people in need find local pantries, and helps community members donate their money, food, or time to these pantries. Additionally, you can create an account to become a Food Friend and receive updates from the fight against hunger.

How We Built it:

We built our application with Android Studio, and use the Google Maps API for locality.

Challenges We Ran into:

Our first challenge was making sure we all had the same versions of Android Studio and Gradle installed such that our project would build on all our devices.

Accomplishments that we're Proud of:

Getting Maps API working.

What We are Learning:

Android Studio

What's next for Food Friends:

Building our app and studying how effective it may be in the community.

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