We wanted a way to showcase the usefullness of having a live chat session across multiple mediums.

What it does

All users can see's the camera from Laptop and AR users

  • Laptop users
  • AR users
    • Use bluetooth connected dragonboard with button and accelerometer to draw in the space
    • Can see all drawings in world space
  • VR users
    • Uses Daydream controller to draw in space
    • Can move around
    • Rearrange the screens of other users

How we built it

With a lot of different tech, but mostly the power of the bad bass drops from my music

Challenges we ran into

Android NDK, Getting iOS to let us use camera from ARKit and Tokbox, All the OpenGL hacking for the textures running the videos in VR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That its pretty functional

What we learned

Spencer goes to too many hackathons

What's next for ZenBag

World Domination


Built With

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