Created by Team CrushChain

Participants: Emma Andrews, Ellen Skipper, Rory Xiao, Adian Liusie, Tom Lu

Project Overview:

  • Make immutable and anonymous posts to your crushes and be awarded by the community.
  • Reward posts which you want to find out owner's identity, the owner can claim the reward and reveal himself.
  • Our site uses Solidity to write ethereum smart contracts, with front end webpage stored in IPFS to achieve a fully decentralised application!
  • We use machine learning to deploy a NLP model for spam filtering.

Tools Used For Development:

  • Solidity contract drafting and testing:
    • Truffle Framework
    • Ganach virtue blockchain
  • JavaScript and HTML/CSS for WebDev
  • Python with TensorFlow implementing a Bi-LSTM model trained on corpus of (spam + generated crush bridge post) and (actual genuine posts)

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