I felt like a lonely idiot. Friends would talk about current events in the news and I would nod along, careful not to say to much and reveal my ignorance. The problem is I´m busy. By the time I get off work and take care of chores, It´s almost bedtime and I´ve got little time to read through all the news that´s important to me. There´s too much content out there and most of it takes too long to read.

I need a summarizer. Something which can distill the day’s news on the things I´m most interested in, and present them in a clear, time efficient way.

Crunchy is a time-saving, personalized, news broadcast for busy people to read, and uniquely, to listen to the news that matters most to them. Crunchy uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to gather and condense lengthy articles from a range of sources based around your interests. Then text to speech software converts the summary into a daily 5 minute broadcast you can listen to at your convenience – while driving to work, waiting for the train, or even as a morning alarm clock. Crunchy keeps you updated on news that matters to you, no matter how busy you get.

How It Works:

  1. Log on using your Twitter handle and Crunchy will determine which topics you’re most interested in, based on the subject of your tweets and who you´re connected to.
  2. Listen. Then each day you’ll receive a 5 minute personal audio news blast summarizing the day’s most important news (based on your interests) sent to your phone/email, or available when you open the app.
  3. Learn. The application continues to learn which topics you’re most interested in, based on your rating of broadcasts, to provide increasingly relevant content.
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