crunchtime is a smart to-do list with a terrifying count-down timer.

  • Enter your to-do's
  • Enter your due dates
  • Work, if only in fear of the countdown timer


Getting things done can be tough, especially when the list of things to do is long and you are unmotivated. crunchtime is a to-do list with built-in motivation, in the form of a colourful progress bar displaying how far you've gone and a terrifying countdown timer whose display is indicative of how much time you have left until your deadline.

Target Audience

Anyone and everyone who wants, or needs, to finish something now.

Awesome Key Features

  • Log-in with Google to save your progress (or lack thereof)
  • Colour-coded task progress and urgency
  • Motivate yourself with the scary countdown timer
  • No downloads required!


crunchtime was built with:

About the Hackers

We're two first-years who graduated in the same high-school class. Procrastination is definitely not a problem for us. Nope. Not at all.

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