What it does

Creates a Spotify playlist for exactly the amount of time you specify. Inspired by the Pomodoro technique™.

We used the Quantone API to fetch recommended songs and used Spotify's song listing to construct a playlist that matches the exact time you need.

How we built it

Rahul and Nishanth made pseudo code for the dynamic programming algorithm. The subset sum problem that we wrote the algorithm for is NP-complete.

Oliver wrote the code to generate data. After running the data Rahul migrated his code to JS.

  • Nishanth worked on the Spotify Authentication process.
  • Micah and Oliver worked on the curling data w/ Quantone.
  • Nishanth and Rahul integrated their parts on the frontend.
  • Nishanth worked on the Node.js backend

Challenges we ran into

Oliver - I mastered RESTful API requests and headers; banging out the curl request for quick prootyping. Micah - Querying quantone wouldn't work with specific spotify IDs, so Micah devised a backend server that the client could communicate to. Rahul - C++ pointer errors while prototyping Nishanth - Fusing the data from user Spotify playlists and Quantone

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Oliver - finally feel comfortable around making web requests Micah - speechless in awe of the glory Rahul - making a really cool DP algorithm work in the ugliness that is javascript Nishanth - breathes hackathons and exhales victory, node, and web services

(PS. Biased evaluation by Oliver)

What we learned

Function chaining can get messy Always make a server script Don't have 30 tabs open on your Chromebook with 4G of ram and a celeron processor Don't split push UI/UX is hard Maybe don't prototype in C++?

What's next for Crunch Time

  • Lyft Integration!
  • Mobile App
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