Crunch Time! is a demo-in-progress. It introduces the player character and demonstrates basic functionality. Animated cut-scenes precede each level and introduce the player to the upcoming themes and challenges.

Crunch Time! is a side-scrolling flash-based edutainment game that encourages tweens to make healthier choices about diet and activities through relatable and fun-seeking scenarios. Crunch Time! allows each player to simulate diet and activities choices in an environment, which visually and concretely demonstrates logical consequences. For example, characters that make poor food choices watch their avatars lose energy and visually gain weight. Good food choices result in maximized energy, increased abilities and visual loss of weight. Final game challenges include physical feats such as running, swimming, jumping, climbing as well as mental feats such as problem solving and prioritizing. The seven levels of game play include an introductory level at home orienting the player to the goals and game mechanics, followed by a Mall level filled with food choices and task prioritization. Level 3 is a water level with swimming, running, and avoidance obstacles.  Levels four through seven include skating, mountain climbing, bike racing and skiing respectively.


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